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Province of Rovigo shows the pilot action to 300 stakeholders in Veneto

On 13th of May 2011 the Province of Rovigo presented in Mogliano Veneto (Treviso Province) in Diana Farm (Veneto Region estate) the results of the pilot action developed in the frame of EU.WATER project. The field demonstration of driven barrel equipped with cultivators with straight tines allows sidedress cattle slurry between corn rows. This activity took place during the 2nd “Field Day” of the project “Riducareflui” (reduction of pollution load from livestock waste generated in the drainage basin of Venice lagoon); the “Riducareflui” project has been financed by Veneto Region.
The driven barrel equipped with cultivators with straight tines, has been connected to a 120 Horse power tractor and has shown its capability to apply cattle slurry between corn rows; several field demonstrations have been conducted to show how easily the slurry is injected at about 15 centimeters below surface without damaging corn plants. The demonstration has generated considerable interest among the 300 participants (farmers, agricultural equipment producers, agronomists involved in technical assistance to farms, agronomy professors of Agricultural Science of Padua University, agricultural managers and employs of Veneto Region), since it is the only appliance that inject slurry, and Rovigo Province recorded the request of Padua University to test it.

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