Transnational integrated management of water resources in agriculture for the EU WATER emergency control Italy Hungary Greece Romania
Croatia Serbia Ukraine Moldova

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Project Team

Mr. Marco Calmistro - legal representative of EU.WATER. He is responsible of the overall implementation of the project activities
(marco.calmistro at

Mr. Riccardo Loberti - contact person for the Province of Ferrara and member of the Steering Committee. He is also the communication manager in charge of managing the relationship with local stakeholders and farmers
(riccardo.loberti at

Miss. Claudia Ziosi - European Policies Dept. Territorial Cooperation Unit. She supports the Agriculture Dept. in monitoring project activities from the technical and financial point of view. She coordinates also relations between the LP and the Programme Managing Authorities
(claudia.ziosi at

Mr. Marco Meggiolaro - project manager. He works for EURIS and coordinates the partnership in the project development
(marco.meggiolaro at

Dr. Giuseppe Castaldelli - Scientific coordinator. He works for PARC.AGRI Research Centre of Ferrara and support the lead partner to supervises the technical and scientific aspects of EU.WATER project
(ctg at

Miss. Marta Krakowiak - financial manager of EU.WATER project. She works for EURIS and is responsible for the reporting procedures at project level
(marta.krakowiak at

Province of Rovigo (IT)

Contact person “Provincia di Rovigo”: Mr. Vanni Bellonzi (vanni.bellonzi at
Agronomist: Mr Francesco Veronese (francesco.veronese at
Expert: Mr. Gianluca Carraro:  (gianlucacarraro at
GIS expert “Provincia di Rovigo”: Mrs. Luisa Cattozzo (luisa.cattozzo at

Trans-Tiszanian Inspectorate for Environment, Nature and Water

Contact person “Tiszanian Inspectorate for Environment, Nature and Water”: Mr. Bela Kelemen (KelemenB at

University of Debrecen

Contact person and GIS expert “University of Debrecen”: Dr. Zoltan Karacsonyi (karacsonyiz at
Communication manager: Mrs Judit Karacsonyi (judit at

Region of Western Macedonia

Contact person “Region of Western Macedonia”: Mr. Vasilis Gkoutzios (vgkoutzios at

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Contact person “Aristotle University of Thessaloniki”: Dr. Basil Manos (manosb at
GIS expert “Aristotle University of Thessaloniki”: Mr. Neratzis Kazakis (kazakis at

National Institute of Research-Development for Land reclamation I.N.C.D.I.F. – ISPIF (RO)

Contact person “National Institute of Research-Development for Land reclamation I.N.C.D.I.F. - ISPIF”: Mr Danut Maria (directorgeneral at

National Institute For Research And Development In Soil Science – ICPA (RO)

Contact person “ICPA”: Mr. Catalin Simota (c.simota at

Agency for rural development of Istria Ltd Pazin

Contact person “Agency for rural development of Istria Ltd Pazin”: Mrs. Jasenka Kapuralin (jasenka.kapuralin at
GIS expert “Agency for rural development of Istria Ltd Pazin”: Mr. Andrija Draguzet (andrija.draguzet at

Institute of Agricultural Economics of Beograd (SRB)

Director “Institute of Agricultural Economics”: Drago Cvijanovic  (drago_c at
Contact person “Institute of Agricultural Economics”: Dr. Drago Cvijanovic (drago_c at  
GIS expert “Institute of Agricultural Economics”: Mr. Mileta Stanković (predrag_v at

Odessa National Polytechnic University (UA)

Director  “Odessa National Polytechnic University”: Prof. Valery Lebed (lebed at
Contact person “Odessa National Polytechnic University”: Mrs. Olena Vlasenko (lenochka_007 at
GIS expert “Odessa National Polytechnic University”: Dr. Svitlychnyi Oleksandr (svetl at

Ialoveni Rayon Counsil (MD)

Contact person “Ialoveni Rayon Counsil”: Braga Rodica (bragarodica at
GIS expert “Ialoveni Rayon Counsil”: Constantin Nagorneac (cnagorneac at