Transnational integrated management of water resources in agriculture for the EU WATER emergency control Italy Hungary Greece Romania
Croatia Serbia Ukraine Moldova

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Project Results

The main project result is the establishment of transnational coordinated and harmonized water management in agriculture, in accordance to the EU legal framemork and based on the direct involvement of the main government actors of the concerned rural areas. In particular, after project termination, the following results are expected:

  • to have acquired a comprehensive picture of main European relevant experiences and scientific results in the application of integrated water management, available to a wide range of stakeholders;
  • to have improved regional planning and managing strategies for integrated water management, based on a wide scientific horizon, developed according to a transnational approach and applied/tested in different relevant SEE areas;
  • to have achieved an increased capacity of both institutional and economic actors to perform sustainable rural development without jeopardizing competitiveness.

All intermediate and final results of the EU Water project will be published here.