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Region of Western Macedonia
Z.E.P. Area
50100 Kozani

Contact person:
Mr. Vasilis Gkoutzios

Tel.: +30 24613 50915
Fax: +30 24613 50969

The Region, with its 412 permanent employees (i.e. Administrators, engineers, geo-technicians, economists, environmentalists, regional developers, chemists, journalists, technicians etc), is organized in several units, one of which is the Directorate of Water that deals with water management issues, regional planning and the implementation of the Water Framework Directive, for the promotion of the integrated river basin management. The Water Management Plan of the Region of Western Macedonia will be completed by December 22nd 2009 and aims at the efficient management of all river basins of the Region. In addition, both “Regional Development Fund” and the “Managing Authority for the Regional Operation Programme of Western Macedonia” play an important role in the implementation of co-operation, inter – regional and trans- national programs. The PP can rely on the necessary resources in terms of staff and experts committed to the project, of financial capability and on-site equipment.