Partners Province of Rovigo

Provincia di Rovigo
Via Celio, 10
45100 Rovigo

Contact person:
Dr. Vanni Bellonzi

Tel.: +39 425 386651
Fax: +39 425 386650

The Province of Rovigo, with the support of local associations (Coltivatori Diretti, Confagricoltura, CIA Italian Farmers Conferedation), intends to identify a specific area of the Polesine, a particular drainage basin characterized by relevant small, medium and great pig breedings, where zoo technical organic substances, produced to improve the ground fertility, can be used from an agronomic point of view. In this way water can be saved, as to crops requirements. This can be realized thought adequate storage systems, on one hand, and by machinery of organic substances distribution, on the other hand. Particular attention will be placed on the preliminary data collection and mapping of water-use sensitive zones, as well as to the definition and implementation of the Italian pilot actions and the verticalization of the Common Strategy within its territory.