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Olena Vlasenko

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ONPU, also thanks to specialists from Department of Marketing and Innovation Policy and Environment with experience in this field, cooperate to elaborate the common strategy, with its subsequently adaptation with the Odessa governance framework (to design long-term financial opportunities to apply EU.WATER methodology, as investments to ameliorate the water management systems in rural areas) and in definition of local normative and fiscal packages. ONPU has a Computer Systems Institute, with scientific laboratories and departments, which have competences/experiences to contribute to the project, by collecting the existing data & research results on agricultural impacts on water in Odessa region. Moreover it creates the expert systems that improve the quality of the analysis results to lead to an optimal strategy for integrated water management in agriculture. PP has the proper skills and resources to assure the project implementation, also in the long period.

– Today the university represents a huge training center of high-qualification personnel in the south Ukraine;
– The University figures among 14 Ukrainian Universities - members of the European Universities Association,;
– The University figures among 4 Ukrainian Universities - members of International Universities Association.

On the ONPU basis there was created an educational complex «Polytechnic university» consolidating licea, high schools, colleges, and technical schools not only of Odessa city, but the whole Southern Ukraine region.
20 thousands of students, graduate employees, post-graduate students are trained here, the process being effected by personnel numbering 4 thousands lecturers, researchers and practical engineers.
There are 57 academicians and corresponding members of National both special Ukraine Academies of Science, more than 120 Professors and Doctors of sciences, almost 450 senior lecturers, Ph.D., 21 honoured workers of Science & Engineering of Ukraine, honoured worker of the National Education of Ukraine, 13 Academicians of International Academies.
The teaching process follows multistage system: Bachelor - Specialist (practical engineer) –Master of Science, Candidate of Science (Ph. D.) and the Doctor of Science.
The Odessa National Polytechnic University structure includes 11 institutes, 2 faculties, 62 departments, technical school and college.

Currently ONPU participates in the four projects program TEMPUS III:
1. TEMPUS JEP - “Information Security and Data Protection (Issues & Principles, Implementation & Management) – EU Experience in UA Universities ”;
2. TEMPUS SCM – Euro Ukrainian approach to the creation of rating system in Ukraine.
3. TEMPUS SCM – “Practical measures to improve Ukraine's elearning”
4. TEMPUS SCM – “ The introduction of a two-level system of education in the specialty "Engineering Mechanics"”.
And in two-sides project “The introduction of distance learning”, which is in conjunction with the Polish-Japanese University, Poland.
Management of the projects realized by Marketing and Innovation Politics Department of ONPU.