Partners National Institute for Research and Development in Soil Science, Agricultural Chemistry and Environment

Contact person:
Dr. Catalin SIMOTA

Tel.: +40-21-318.43.49
Fax: +40-21-318.43.48

ICPA is the national focal point for monitoring soil and crop aspects in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ). It has designated the NVZs in Romania, prepared the Action Programme for each Zone and developed Nutrient Management Plan for minimising the nutrient fluxes to the water bodies. ICPA has integrated the National databases in relation to soil, climate, land use, surface waters, administrative and socio-economic issues. ICPA developed the Code for Good Agriculture Practice in NVZ and the Code for Good Farming Practices. It is therefore interested in linking its skills to that produced in the other SEE Countries for harmonizing methods and actions, so to elaborate common Codes for Good Agriculture Practice. The PP can rely on the necessary resources in terms of staff and experts committed to the project, of financial capability and on-site equipment.