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Provincia di Ferrara
Largo Castello
44121 Ferrara

Contact person:
Dr. Riccardo Loberti

Tel.: +39 532 299765
Fax: +39 532 299743

Ferrara, located in Padana’s flatland, has a strong agricultural oriented economy and it is classified as nitrate vulnerable area. As Ferrara borders on the Rovigo trough the Po river, they selects as EU.WATER study area the transboundary River Po basin, belonging to 2 regions (Veneto and Emilia Romagna) and managed by 2 provincial authorities accordingly. Therefore, as Po river represents the main source for irrigation and it is exposed to water governance methods ruled by the 2 different administrations, a joint action is advocated to achieve sounding results in water saving and mitigation of water pollution. Prov. Ferrara participates through its Agriculture development Dept. Technical activities in the project will be performed by Scientific Technological Park for the Agro-Industry (AGRI-PARK) an operational and controlled agency of the Province, whose mission is to contribute to the transition of provincial agriculture towards innovation technology and environment protection.