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GIS training seminar recap meeting in Ferrara, 23 March 2010

The GIS training seminar was organised by the LP Province of Ferrara and in cooperation with the Aristotle University (WP3 leader, that through the skype connection actively participated in the meeting), in order to ensure harmonized implementation of the project activities and provide a direct assistance to Partners from Croatia, Romania and Serbia that did not participate in the 1st Scientific and Technical Partnership Forum held in Thessaloniki in November 2009. During the meeting LP reported shortly the main issues that were tackled on the ST forum and updated present participants on all decisions and obligations taken. After this recap session, AUTH, in the person of Mr. Aschonitis, took the floor and leaded the training for GIS experts explaining all issues regarding development of the WP3 with a special focus on common methodology for the preparation of GIS layers and compilation of the on-line questionnaire.

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