Transnational integrated management of water resources in agriculture for the EU WATER emergency control Italy Hungary Greece Romania
Croatia Serbia Ukraine Moldova

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Kick off meeting in Ferrara, 6 July 2009

The EU.WATER project was officially launched during the kick-off meeting organized and hosted by the LP in the Estense Castle in Ferrara, Italy on 6th July 2009. This one day event focused on the presentation of projectís structure, objectives and tools to be applied to ensure its successful performance and wide public promotion and dissemination. During the meeting all Project Partners presented shortly themselves and the problems related to water management and pollution in their local rural communities. Following the overview of project status and its activities, the LP presented the project initial high-level planning road map in order to guarantee itís effective start-up. The EU.WATER project was also introduced to the public during the specially organized press conference.

Download the agenda here

Download the presentations:
- General presentation
- Italian project area description
- Greek project area description
- Hungarian project area description
- Romanian project area description
- Croatian project area description
- Serbian project area description
- Ukraine project area description

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