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3rd ST Partnership Forum – Steering Committee meeting 20, 21 October 2010 Budapest

The 3rd Scientific and Technical Partnership Forum (STF) was organized by the University of Debrecen in Budapest on 20-21 October 2010. The topics of the meeting included the state of the art of the capitalization and sensitive areas maps (work package 3) and the completion of common standards to upgrade existing maps addressed to highlight water sensitive and vulnerability zones in agriculture proposed by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Work Package Leader). The meeting also structured the roadmap for the development of the transnational strategy for integrated water management in agriculture proposed by the Lead Partner and the Region of Western Macedonia (Work Package leader). Mrs. Alessandra Pala from SEE Joint Technical Secretariat attended the forum and she presented the intermediate evaluation of JTS on the progress of the projects and the future perspectives of the South-East Europe Programme (strategic and standard call for proposals expected soon). Also, Mr. Peter Kovacs, Head of Department, Ministry for Environment and Water Management presented the Water Resource Management in Hungary. Alongside the forum, the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting of the EU.WATER project Steering Committee meeting was organized that tackled project’s administrative-financial and communication issues.

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