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6th Scientific and Technical Partnership Forum Steering Committee meeting Bucharest (Romania)

EU.WATER partnership gathers in a snowy Bucharest to attend the final Technical Forum before the project conclusion, scheduled in April 2012. After the message by Valeriu TABARA, Romanian Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, the hosting partner National Institute of Research-Development for Land Reclamation I.N.C.D.I.F ISPIF welcomed the delegations by reminding the expected EU.WATER results in Romania, which are the implementation of the provisions of EU Directives (Water Frame and Nitrates) in rural areas of the Arges-Vedea river basin, where agriculture currently relies on traditional practices, most of which belong to a subsistence type of farming and the application of the National level Integrated Support System for the Monitoring, Control and Decision Reaching, designed to achieve a reduction of the loads of pollutants coming from agricultural sources that reach surface and underground waters. The forum was dedicated at the presentation of the final parts of the Transnational Strategy for the Integrated Water Management in Agriculture, which address a set of provisions for the sustainable irrigation and fertilization, and the Green Book that present some concrete cases to incentive the investments in the scientific agriculture. During the meeting, all partners presented the own purposes towards the preparation of the regional intervention plan (act. 4.4) and the financial & normative packages, that consists in the adaptation of the TSIWMA in each territorial framework.

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