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2nd ST Forum in Belgrade & 2nd Steering Committee meeting, 22-23 April 2010

The 2nd Scientific and Technical Partnership Forum of the EU.WATER project was organized by the Institute of Agricultural Economics (IPA PP2), in Belgrade on 22nd and 23rd April 2010. The forum focused on progress in the implementation of all activities scheduled within the WP3, with particular reference to the development of GIS vulnerability maps, according to the methodology proposed by the Aristotle University and subsequently approved by all PPs during the 1st ST Forum in Thessaloniki. The meeting also launched the structural discussion, leaded by LP and Region of Western Macedonia (WP leader), on crucial aspects towards definition of the Transnational Strategy for the Integrated Water Management in Agriculture (TSIWMA) to be elaborated within the WP4. Alongside the forum were organised the Steering Committee meeting that tackled projectís administrative-financial and communication issues as well as the operational GIS training seminar, leaded by the Aristotle University and addressed to the GIS experts participating in the forum.

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