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147 stakeholders participated in the first local workshop in Ferrara

Great success for the first meeting of the LIN (Local Implementation Network) organized by the Province of Ferrara on November 24th, 2011. More than 140 people – among them farmers, technicians and policy-makers – attended the conference during which the results of the pilot action carried out by the Province of Ferrara, with the scientific support of the local University PARCAGRI, were explained to the local community of stakeholders.

After the institutional greeting by David Nardini, President of PARCAGRI, Prof. Giuseppe Castaldelli, scientific coordinator presented the main characteristics of EU.WATER project. Afterward, the PARCAGRI team (Micol Mastrocicco and Nicoḷ Colombani) presented the scientific scheme that has been applied in the analysis of organic matter in the process of denitrification in the first meter of soil: the obtained results give useful indications for the containment of the leaching of nitrates and improvement of nitrogen fertilization. The discussion was opened by Mr Mauro Ferrari, President of the Italian Confederation of Farmers of Ferrara, who spoke on behalf of all provincial professional organizations, highlighting the problems of the agricultural world and the 'support for the project has given improve the management of nitrogen fertilization. Finally, Mr Giuseppe Bortone, General Director of Environment and Land protection of the Emilia-Romagna Region, hopes for a continuation of the research started with the EU.WATER project. In the early months of 2012 other local briefings with the farmers associations and local authorities will be held in the Province of Ferrara, aiming at the broadest dissemination of the results across the territory.

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