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Conferences and Seminars

147 stakeholders participated in the first local workshop in Ferrara

Great success for the first meeting of the LIN (Local Implementation Network) organized by the Province of Ferrara on November 24th, 2011. More than 140 people – among them farmers, technicians and policy-makers – attended the conference during which the results of the pilot action carried out by the Province of Ferrara, with the scientific support of the local University PARCAGRI, were explained to the local community of stakeholders.
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Institute for Agricultural Economics of Beograd presents “Study I” at the first meeting with Local Implementation Networks of Pancevo City (Serbia)

On 28th February 2011 in the premises of the Institute “Tamiš”, Pancevo, the Institute of Agricultural Economics from Belgrade organized the first meeting with the Local Implementation Network at the presence of numerous media representatives. Director of IAE Prof. Drago Cvijanovic Ph.D and Mileta Stankovic, Director of the Institute “Tamis” explained the need and importance of EU.WATER project, especially in the area of the Pancevo city, which is burdened with environmental issues caused by increasing pollution and emissions of harmful substances into the soil and water.
Director of the Institute of Agricultural Economics from Belgrade, Prof. Drago Cvijanovic Ph.D. presented the project, goals, the schedule of planned activities and importance. Special emphasis has been placed to the “Study I” in which was presented aims of Nitrate Directive 91/271 EEC and Water Directive 2000/60. Also in “Study I” were presented GIS maps developed by IAE in the first part of EU.WATER project. Mileta Stankovic highlighted the current problems of environmental pollution, especially soil and water in the area of the Pancevo city and presented the GIS system which should be implemented in their territory. Journalists and local officials expressed their interest for past activities on the EU.WATER project, presented the current issues and expressed willingness to cooperate with the management of the project. The delegation of the Institute of Agricultural Economics, Belgrade at the meeting were the Director of Institute Prof. Drago Cvijanovic Ph.D. (Project Manager), Predrag Vukovic M.A.(Assistant Coordinator) and Velibor Potrebic M.A.

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2nd Greek Local Implementation Network (LIN)

On Friday, April 6, 2012, the Region of Western Macedonia organized in Kozani, within the framework of the project EU.WATER, the second meeting of the Local Implementation Network and two training seminars addressed to the agronomists and producers in the region. The meeting attended approximately 60 people, representatives of local authorities, associations, cooperatives, officials of relevant Regional Divisions, representatives of companies, agronomists, geologists and farmers. The main topic of the meeting was to inform stakeholders about the EU.WATER project and its importance for the region of South East Europe, the environmental pressures on water resources of the Sarigkiol basin, which is the selected Greek pilot area, the efforts for developing a strategy of integrated management of water resources in agriculture and the presentation of the pilot actions for the development of a Decision Support System (DSS). The aim of the training seminars was the more detailed presentation of the project tools available for the protection of water resources: vulnerability maps, decision support system, strategy, actions, new technologies and methods to improve the effectiveness and management of inputs in agriculture.

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1st Greek Local Implementation Network (LIN)

In September 29, the Region of Western Macedonia carried out the first Greek Local Implementation Network (LIN) with the participation of 50 local actors and stakeholders from trade-unions, farmers and their corporations, civil society and companies. The aim was to present the first project results and invite them to contribute to line-up local needs within the regional intervention plans and share local strategies in agricultural water-use management. The participants were involved in a lively discussion with the EU.WATER team (from the Region of Western Macedonia and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) concerning the project results and the uptaking of developed project tools from the local community. This network will be called to meet again at later stages of the project in order to act as a forum for the encouragement of the communication between the local actors.

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1st working table within the Italian Local Implementation Network (LIN) organized in Arquà Polesine (Rovigo)

The first meeting with the Local Implementation Networks was organized in Arquà Polesine (Rovigo) on 11th November 2010 by the Province of Rovigo, with the participation of around fifty stakeholders, technicians and farmers coming from the provincial rural areas and surroundings. In the course of the meeting, which was opened by the Provincial Councillor for Agriculture and by the Lead Partner, the objectives of EU.WATER project and the relevance of this initiative for the attainment of the Nitrate Directive were explained. Furthermore, the Province of Ferrara briefed the audience on the state of the pilot action, which started on last May, and the preliminary results, together with the presentation of the technology used to run the application. The workshop was concluded by an overview on the synergic pilot action (estimation of nitrate rest and prediction for high-quality standards in fertilization) which is actually ongoing in Ferrara and the presentation of the regional reports together with the GIS maps spotting nitrate vulnerable areas. The next LIN meeting in Ferrara is scheduled on the early spring 2011.

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1st working table within the Romanian Local Implementation Network (LIN)

Presentation of the Nitrate Vulnerable Areas and Action Programs for Arges county to policy makers (Directorate for Agriculture and Rural Development), financial authorities (County management unit for the National Rural Development Plan), public monitoring and consultancy bodies (Soil Testing Laboratory) and local farmers involved in animal breeding having medium (10-100 Animal Units) and large (> 100 Animal Units) farms (poultry, pigs).
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1st working table within the Hungarian Local Implementation Network (LIN)

The first LIN’s seminar addressed to the local stakeholders of the Hungarian pilot area – Tisza River basin – Hajdu-Bihar County was held in Debrecen on 10th June 2010. The members represented the professional institutions (agriculture, water management, fishery, nature protection etc.), municipalities, farmers, engineering agency etc. Their participation is expected to help in the project realization. During the 1st meeting Béla Kelemen and Zoltán Karácsonyi informed the LIN members about the EU.WATER project, it’s goal. After this presentations were held in 4 main fields by LIN members and were discussed. The LIN members declared that they are very pleased and found useful the creation of the LIN, they are ready to help the LIN with their professional advice and they are expecting the result of the EU.WATER project.