Conferences and Seminars

1st working table within the Romanian Local Implementation Network (LIN)

Presentation of the Nitrate Vulnerable Areas and Action Programs for Arges county to policy makers (Directorate for Agriculture and Rural Development), financial authorities (County management unit for the National Rural Development Plan), public monitoring and consultancy bodies (Soil Testing Laboratory) and local farmers involved in animal breeding having medium (10-100 Animal Units) and large (> 100 Animal Units) farms (poultry, pigs). download the presentation here...

1st working table within the Hungarian Local Implementation Network (LIN)

The first LIN’s seminar addressed to the local stakeholders of the Hungarian pilot area – Tisza River basin – Hajdu-Bihar County was held in Debrecen on 10th June 2010. The members represented the professional institutions (agriculture, water management, fishery, nature protection etc.), municipalities, farmers, engineering agency etc. Their participation is expected to help in the project realization. During the 1st meeting Béla Kelemen and Zoltán Karácsonyi informed the LIN members about the EU.WATER project, it’s goal. After this presentations were held in 4 main fields by LIN members and were discussed. The LIN members declared that they are very pleased and found useful the creation of the LIN, they are ready to help the LIN with their professional advice and they are expecting the result of the EU.WATER project.