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EU.WATER says goodbye to SEE Programme with its final publications

“Launching a South East Europe partnership for agricultural innovation”. This was the “message in the bottle” delivered by EU.WATER project at the international final conference, organized in Budapest on 24th of April 2012. The conference has focused on the high valuable results achieved by EU.WATER in the last 3 years and put forward new perspectives for an agricultural innovation partnership of the South East Europe in the frame of the next EU Programming 2014-2020 and the Common Agricultural Practice reform. The 5th and final international newsletter reports the main project conclusions and the partnerships’ vision to the future.

Fourth EU.WATER international newsletter published

EU.WATER, after having investigated the water stress challenges related to nitrate pollution and optimization of irrigation systems in eight high representative rural communities in SEE area, proposes a regional answer for the Southern Europe coherent with the Europe 2020 Strategy and the orientations for “the Common Agricultural Policy towards 2020”, that highlights innovation as being indispensable to preparing EU agriculture for the future. The transnational strategy is briefly presented in this newsletter

Now available the 3rd number of EU.WATER international newsletter (Nov 2011)


Now available the 2nd number of EU.WATER international newsletter (December 2010)

EU.WATER project has now reached its halfway point: the second number of the international newsletter updates SEE readers with the most important activities performed to date and midterm results that will lead to the development of the ambitious Transnational Strategy for the Integrated Water Management in Agriculture in the SEE cooperation space.
Moreover, in the current focus article we brief on the EU’s new growth strategy - Europe 2020 - approved by the EC on June 17, 2010 that along with the ongoing reforming process of the Common Agriculture Policy, is extremely important for the definition of the EU.WATER integrated management methodology of water resources in the SEE agriculture areas. Additionally, from the present newsletter we report on how Croatia and Serbia are approaching EU adhesion on rural environmental topics, while Ukraine and Moldova are getting closer to EU water management standards in agriculture. Enjoy the reading!

Now available the first newsletter of the EU.WATER project, which tackles the problem of water rationalization and water contamination caused by the intensive exploitation operated through agriculture.