Conferences and Seminars

Province of Rovigo shows the pilot action to 300 stakeholders in Veneto

On 13th of May 2011 the Province of Rovigo presented in Mogliano Veneto (Treviso Province) in Diana Farm (Veneto Region estate) the results of the pilot action developed in the frame of EU.WATER project. The field demonstration of driven barrel equipped with cultivators with straight tines allows sidedress cattle slurry between corn rows. This activity took place during the 2nd “Field Day” of the project “Riducareflui” (reduction of pollution load from livestock waste generated in the drainage basin of Venice lagoon); the “Riducareflui” project has been financed by Veneto Region.

3 technical coordination meetings with the provincial stakeholders (November 2009, March 2010, October 2010)

In the frame of the pilot actions to be developed in Ferrara, 3 technical coordination meetings with the provincial stakeholders have been organized in the last year to explain the main objectives of EU.WATER project and the impact of experimental applications for the agricultural sector in Ferrara province. During the fist meeting held on 2nd November 2009, farmers and technicians were asked to make available some rural plots of lands representing the main cultivations of the area (wheat and crop). In the second meeting organized on 15th of March 2010, the territorial samplings across the Province of Ferrara was planned. One local implementation network with the technician that made available the farms for the data collection (density, compositions, nitrogen etc..) was formed up to manage the first part of the pilot action. Finally, the second part of the pilot action was triggered during the third meeting held on 23rd October 2010, that will be running during the autumn 2010 / spring 2011: a replication of the analysis of the last spring, together with the installation of some drills is expected in the next months. All meetings were chaired by Riccardo Loberti from the Province of Ferrara and Giuseppe Castaldelli (Parcagri), scientific coordinator of EU.WATER project.

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EU.WATER participates at the Isonitrate International Workshop, 10-11 December, Paris

Outstanding themes in rural area as water balance and soil organic matter regulation of nitrate removal by denitrification, have been studied in the most important provincial soil types and results have been presented at an international workshop held by UNESCO during the Isonitrate International Workshop, 10-11 December in Paris with a presentation “Potential groundwater and surface water contamination from nitrate in the Po River Delta - Northern Italy”: The next international event for EU.WATER is scheduled in Zurich between 13–18 June 2010 at the 7th International Groundwater Quality Conference, Groundwater Quality Management in a Rapidly Changing World, to be held in Zurich 

Download the agenda of the Isonitrate International Workshop


EU.WATER presented in Padua in February 2010

EU.WATER has been recently presented at the national workshop held in Padova on the theme “the nitrogen dynamics on different types of lands”. The EU.WATER scientific team of the Province of Ferrara, coordinated by Giuseppe Castaldelli (University of Ferrara – PARC.AGRI), chaired the working session and had a talk on the water balance and soil organic matter regulation of nitrate removal by denitrification. The main objectives of EU.WATER project and the expectations connected to the development of the pilot action in Ferrara rural areas were explain to the audience.  Download here the article of the conference

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European Commission monitoring mission in Serbia

In July 2010 the European Commission implemented the external Results-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) to the EU.WATER IPA Partner - Institute of Agricultural Economics (IAE) in order to determine the progress of the Project and its overall performance, in the frame of projects and programmes of the EC External Cooperation in the Western Balkans and Turkey. On 13th July 2010 at the Institute of Agricultural Economics, Belgrade and 14th July 2010 at the Institute TAMIS in Pancevo attend monitoring mission regarding to the participation and activities of the IAE on EU.WATER project. On behalf of the Monitoring mission the institutes visited Mrs. Alex Georgievski. The mission expressed special interest for the activities of previous IAE related to the commitments made in the Work Packages of the project, with special attention of the expected results in the field of GIS maps of target area and in the training with local stakeholders.