Capacity Building

Transnational capacity building on water monitoring in Ferrara (Italy)

From 11th to 18th July the Province of Ferrara, with the technical support of CFR (Ferrara Research Centre) organizes a transnational intensive seminar to reinforce the general capacities of administrations from Serbia, Croatia, Moldova and Ukraine in water and environmental monitoring procedures, to better address local and regional policy planning for agricultural and water-related issues. for each partner interested, there will be an evaluation, by a team of experts, of the state of achievement of the EU.WATER results achieved so far, according to the criticalities registered. Then, the capacity building and training will focus on critical aspects identified in the use of GIS mapping technology, sampling of aquifers and surface water (on-the-field training carried out in the Ferrara pilot test rural area) and – finally - chemical and LAB analysis on the main nitrogen analytes with particular reference to the necessary equipment.
Download the programme of the capacity building here

180 participants at the first cycle of trainings in Pancevo City (Serbia)

Between December 2010 and February 2011 the Institute for Agricultural Economics of Beograd, in cooperation with the institute “Tamiš” from Pancevo, organized the first cycle of trainings in Pancevo City and in 12 local communities belonging to the Serbian pilot area actually under investigation in EU.WATER project. The great success of the initiatives is witnessed by the extremely high number of participants, around 180!
The trainings were addressed to agricultural technicians to transfer managerial know-how and practices defined by EU.WATER methodologies and techniques experienced trough the pilot actions implementation. The aim is to give inputs to local experts to address upgraded reforms and agricultural processes to improve the whole rural governance in the project areas.
Education topics were: aims of EU.WATER project from aspects of soil and water resources in Southeast Banat Region on the territory of Pancevo city; the implementation of the results of the analysis of soil and water through the application of principles and standards in accordance with the Nitrate Directive 91/676/EEC (Directive 91/271) and Water Directive 2000/60, standards prescribed by the European Union; investigation over the needs for implementing system of monitoring quality of soil and water.
Teachers from IAE, Belgrade were Vladana Hamovic Ph.D. Project coordinator (Vice Director of IAE) and Predrag Vukovic M.A. Research Associate, Assistant Coordinator. From Institute “Tamiš” teacher was Director Mileta Stankovic. Invitations for course participants were by phone and e-mail according to associations of agricultural producers and officials who collaborate with IAE, Belgrade at project.