The aim of the case study is the use of a multi-sectoral integrated decission support system capturing end-users and stakeholder opinions for planning the apropriate measures at NUTS5 level (comuna) for protecting surface and groundwater to pollution with nitrates from agricultural sources. The system will use pairwise comparison method ranking the measures accoring with the local stakeholders opinions from each vulnerable zone in the area.

Arges-Vedea basin (South – Romania) was selected as case study area for the EU.WATER project. Based on an earlier designation (2003) Arges-Vedea basin has 20 comuna included in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones. After the redisgnation of Nitrate Vulnerable zones most of the basin was included in NVZ. The area is vulnerable to nitrate polution due to the low flows of aquifers and in hilly and mountain area due to high runoff rates induced by low permeability of heavy clay soils. The problems relative to nitrate pollution in Arges-Vedea basin cover most  of the cases from all regions of Romania.

The potential results of the project are:

  • making a hierarchy of available methods for preventing nitrate pollution from agriculture sources to water bodies
  • evaluating specific indicators for each method using available datasets and modelling tools
  • including indicators in a multicriterial decission support system for capturing the end users and stakeholders opinions ranking the methods for preventing nitrate pollution
  • giving support to local authorities for developing Action Plans for prevention of nitrate pollution from agricultural sources specific best fitted to local conditions